mercoledì 13 novembre 2019

KNLS log

KNLS Anchor Point only a single transmitter on air on Nov 12 and 13.

ALASKA 08-09 UT not 6075 kHz on air,

08-09 UT 7370 S=8-9 noted in Edmonton-CAN, S=7-8 strength in various remote
SDR rxs in -allJapan locations.

But heavy QRM on wideband 7340 to 7397 kHz OTHR strong noise
at 08.50 UT on Nov 13.

NOT KNLS En on 6115 kHZ, empty channel.

9665 kHz likely poor KNLS Chinese Mandarin signal,
not Pyongyang KRE noted at this hour,
but rather Brazil 9664.877 kHz.

73 wb  df5sx