venerdì 8 novembre 2019

AWR DX program Wavescan main airings

The main airings on shortwave of Wavescan are currently at the following times:

Sat 1600 UTC 17775 kHz KVOH (100° to Carib, W Indies, SE USA)
Sun 0430 UTC   4840 kHz WWCR (40° to W Eur)
Sun 0600 UTC   9680 kHz Voice of Hope - Africa (nd, C & S Af)
Sun 0600 UTC 11680 kHz Voice of Hope - Africa (315° to W Af)
Sun 1200 UTC   9510 kHz IRRS
Sun 1430 UTC   9955 kHz WRMI (160° to Carib, S Am)
Sun 1530 UTC   6155 kHz AWR via Dushanbe (to Nepal, Tibet)
Sun 1600 UTC   9580 kHz AWR via Yerevan (to S India)
Sun 1600 UTC 17730 kHz AWR via Madagascar (to C India)
Sun 2200 UTC 12040 kHz KSDA (to Indonesia)
Sun 2230 UTC   9955 kHz WRMI (160° to Carib, S Am)
Tue 1930 UTC   7290 kHz IRRS 

These are all available on webstreams that simulcast the shortwave transmissions, here:


And, of course, the program is also available on demand and as a podcast from AWR here:

However, having poured over the schedules for the various WRMI transmitters on the website, it appears that Wavescan is carried at more than two dozen other times during the week by WRMI.  That's a little too much to list and keep track of!

(Ray Robinson via WOR io group)