venerdì 19 marzo 2010

18 March Log

Log for 18 March, using the Racal RA1792 and Wellbrook Loop.
Radio Australia 11660 via Shepparton, in Chinese, 1301 18 Mar. yl reading news. Heard mentions of Taliban. ID at 1304.50 : "Radio Australia" by YL, then OM took over. (s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Radio Australia 11760 via Tanshui, in Chinese, 1403 18 Mar. YL with talk and Oriental music. Fighting with BBC and CRI for dominance. (s5 QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

Firedrake? CNR1 jammer (presumed) 11500, , in music, 1219 18 Mar. Instrumental Chinese music, then horns and drumming. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
CRI 11640 via Xian, in Chinese, 1251 18 Mar. YL and OM talking. Can hear some of the jamming music from 635 (which is getting stronger) in the background, which is audible even with a 3kHz filter. (peaking s3) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
CNR2 (pres) IA Lingshi, in Chinese, 1346 18 Mar. YL and OM talking. Noisy signal, signal becomes unreadable on QSB troughs. (s4) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
CRI 11760 via Kunming, in English, 1352 18 Mar. Colliding with BBC and R.Australia. (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
CRI 11785 via Kashi, in Chinese, 1408 18 Mar. Chinese instrumental music then into OM talk. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
CRI 11920 via Cerrik, Albania,
in French, 1510 18 Mar. OM and YL talking and laughing before playing French pop song. (s5-s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Denge Mezopotamia (pres) 11530 via Mykolaev, in Kurdish, 1225 18 Mar. om talk. (s7) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Radio Free Chosun 11560 via Gavar, in Korean, 1229 18 Mar. om talk then instrumental music, with YL talking over and brief ID at 1235. (s5 deep QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
KFBS 11650 via Saipan, in Russian, 1255 18 Mar. Religious talk in English, being translated by OM into Russian, sentence by sentence. Finished at 1258, after final sentence translation, then music and Ann at 1300. (s7 QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)

KFBS 11580 via Saipan, in Chinese, 1236 18 Mar. 2 YL's talking. (s7 with rapid flutter/QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Polish Radio (External Service) 11675 via Moosbrun, in English, 1305 18 Mar. OM reading Listeners reception reports. Then on to "Listeners Questions". (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Polish Radio (External Service) 11770 via Rampisham, in Russian, 1405 18 Mar. OM talking, then music jingle before back to talk. (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Radio Romania International 11870 via Tiganesti, in Russian, 1453 18 Mar. YL and OM talking over background music. Mentions of e-mail and Russia then web address given. IS start at 1456:15 - carrier off at 1457:30 (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Voice of Turkey 11815 via Cakirlar (HFCC), in Turkish, 1447 18 Mar. Turkish song sung by OM, then talk between 2 OM's. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BBC World Service 11760 via A'Seela, in English, 1404 18 Mar. OM talking about football. Co channel with CRI and Radio Australia. No one station dominant all fading in and out and over the top of each other. (s5) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BBC World Service (presumed) 11895 via Kranji, in Chinese, 1458 18 Mar. YL singing a lively Oriental song followed by OM talking. Pips at 1500. then carrier off. Can hear another stn weakly in Chinese. No ID heard. BBC is scheduled to 1530. (s6) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
BBC World Service 11915 via Kranji, in Nepali, 1503 18 Mar. OM interviewing another OM on telephone. (s9) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Family Radio Worldwide 11535 via Okeechobee, in Chinese, 1227 18 Mar. OM talk with occ. comments from YL. (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
RFA (presumed) 11590 via Kuwait, in Tibetan, 1239 18 Mar. om and yl talking but huge buzzing QRM (presumed from CNR jammer) although can still make out the audio clearly underneath. (s7 with QRM) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
VOA 11635 via Udon Thani, in Chinese, 1243 18 Mar. suffering from co channel QRM from jamming stn. Can hear OM and YL talking but can also hear Chinese music and the jamming signal is about 1-200Hz LF giving a heterodyne. Best in USB. (s4 at best) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
VOA 11705 via Tinang, Philippines, in English, 1339 18 Mar. Ann: "Peter Simpson for VOA News, Beijing" after news report, then continues with report from Brian Cann(?). (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Adventist World Radio (AWR) 11725 via Nauen, in Chinese, 1342 18 Mar. YL with long talk, then guitar music and YL singer (in Chinese). Some quite severe distortion on signal troughs. (s9+20) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
VOA 11840 via Irana Wila, Sri Lanka,
in Pashto, 1449 18 Mar. 2 OM's in talk. Fluttery QSB taking signal into noise on troughs. (s6 QSB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Family Radio Worldwide 11935 via Nauen, in Tamil, 1512 18 Mar. OM, with strong accent, talk. (s9+10dB) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
Vatican Radio 11850 via Santa Maria de Galeria, in Hindi, 1451 18 Mar. YL with mentions of Ghandi, then OM talk. (s8) - (S.Gilbert, UK)
73, Sean Gilbert - Buckingham, UK.
Icom IC756pro, Racal RA1972
Inverted Vee @ 10m; Wellbrook ALA1530 @ 3m
MFJ1026, SEM Multifilter, 'Dream' DRM Software