domenica 24 luglio 2022

TAIWAN - RTI German via Tamsui on 9430

TAIWAN special on July 24 at 17 UT is back proper signal on 11995 on 25 mb

11995.003 kHz proper signal here in central Europe, usual 2 to 3 Hertz on upper sideband flank.
Checked against a lot China mainland Kashgar and Urumqi, Beijing outlets, also aligned against ENC BBC Singapore Kranji 12025even and ROU Romania Galbeni 11975even. Nothing noted on 9430 kHz channel.

FRANCE Another summer heat suffered 500 kW tx unit at TDF Issoudun shifts up and down 20 to 30 Hertz speedy on fundamental 11945.080 to 11945.098 kHz 17-19 UT NHK R Japan World Japanese to East AF

73 wb
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 24