domenica 31 luglio 2022

SWLDXBulgaria News, July 31

ALGERIA Reception of Telediffusion d'Algerie in Arabic at 10UT on 15340 kHz via Ourgla, July 31
from 1000 on 15340 ORG 300 kW / 210 deg to WeAf Arabic. Weak/fair signal via SDR Heimiswil in SUI
Same time on 17600 BEC 300 kW / 131 deg to EaAf Arabic A-22 Telediffusion d'Algerie - NOT ON AIR!

AUSTRALIA Reach Beyond Australia relay Voice of Martyrs in Korean on 9580 kHz via Kununurra, July 31
0930-1000 on 9580 KNX 100 kW / 335 deg to NEAs Korean. Very good signal via SDR Kanuma Tichigi, Japan

AUSTRIA(non) Very good signal of Radio DARC № 389 on 6070 kHz via Moosbrunn, July 31
0900-1000 on 6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sunday via SDR Heimiswil in SUI

GERMANY(non) Adventist World Radio AWR Obettivo DX № 986 on 9610 kHz via MBR Nauen, July 31
0900-1000 on 9610 NAU 125 kW / 180 deg to SoEu Italian Sun. Very good via SDR Heimiswil, SUI

MYANMAR Good signal of Myanmar Radio in Burmese on 5915 kHz via Naypyidaw, July 31
from 1130 on 5915 NAY 050 kW / 356 deg to SEAs Burmese via SDR So Phisal, Thailand.

NETHERLANDS Reception of Radio Jong Europe Netherlands on 6130 kHz via Alphen aan den Rijn, July 31:
from 0800 on 6130 AAR 001 kW / non-dir to WeEu Dutch. Fair/good signal via SDR Heimiswil, Switzerland

PIRATE RADIO Pirate station Radio Casa Nova on 6119.9v kHz via unknown tx in Netherlands, July 31
from 0825 on 6119.9vUnknown kW / unknown to WeEu Dutch Sunday. Good via SDR Heimiswil, Switzerland

ROMANIA(non) Reception of IRRS AWR Wavescan № 700 on 9510 kHz via RADIOCOM Saftica, July 31
1100-1130 on 9510 SAF 100 kW / 300 deg to WeEu English Sun. Very good via SDR Heimiswil, SUI

TAIWAN Reception of Radio Taiwan International RTI in Korean on 9570 kHz via Tamsui on July 31:
1030-1100 on 9570 TSH 100 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Korean. Good+jamming via SDR Kanuma Tichigi, JPN

TAIWAN(non) Reception of Radio Free Asia in Khmer on 11885 kHz via Paochung, July 31:
1230-1330 on 11885*PAO 250 kW / 205 deg to SEAs Khmer. Very good via SDR So Phisal, THA
* weak co-ch 11885 URU 050 kW / 230 deg to EaAs Uyghur PBS Xinjiang scheduled till 12UT

U.K. Reception of BBC World Service in English on 15740 kHz via ENC-DMS Woofferton on July 31
1200-1300 on 15740 WOF 250 kW / 086 deg to EaEu English Sat/Sun. Very good via SDR Khimki, RUS

U.K.(non) Reception of KTWR Trans World Radio Asia in English on 13740 kHz via ENC-DMS Al-Dhabbayya, July 31
1215-1245 on 9380 TWR 100 kW / 315 deg to JPN Japanese Sun only KTWR Asia is not on air for the second week!
1245-1300 on 13740 DHA 250 kW / 085 deg to SoAs English Sun-Wed. Very good signal via SDR So Phisal, Thailand.

U.K.(non) KTWR Asia relay Trans World Radio India in Bhatri on 13740 kHz via ENC-DMS Dhabbayya, July 31
1315-1330 on 13740 DHA 250 kW / 085 deg to SoAs Bhatri Sun. Very good signal via SDR So Phisal, Thailand.

UZBEKISTAN(non) Radio Free North Korea in Korean on 11510 kHz via RRTM Telecom Tashkent, July 31
1300-1400 on 11510 TAC 100 kW / 076 deg to NEAs Korean. Good via SDR via SDR So Phisal, Thailand.


73! Ivo Ivanov

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