venerdì 22 luglio 2022

Issoudun on 5975, 13735 khz for Les Sables to Azores yacht race

The annual Mini 6.50 yacht race from Les Sables (France) to the Azores is underway, TDF is carrying special SW broadcasts to participants from 1500-1530 UTC on 5975 and 13735 khz via Issoudun.

Both were audible here this afternoon with a strong, clear singal on 5975, much weaker on 13735. Both in AM Weather reports in French from 1500-1515 and in English from 1515-1530 UTC. Transmitter went off abruptly at 1530 while the forecast was still in progress.

This transmission is listed in HFCC from 19 July until 16 August:

HFCC also lists a schedule of "Sailor DRM tests" taking place until 30September:
0000-0100 on 6040 1 Aug-30 Sep
0600-0700 on 6115 9740 19 Jul-30 Sep
1200-1300 on 13730 15535 19 Jul-30 Sep
1800-1900 on 7305 11915 15535 19 Jul-30 Sep

The official web site for the race is at

73s Dave Kenny

(via bdxc-news io group)