domenica 31 luglio 2022

Shortwave Australia replies

The idea with this station is to cover South East Australia, specifically around 500km around Bendigo Victoria Australia. This gives good coverage with small portable radios on the in built whip and would cover Melbourne, Adelaide and Southern New South Wales. I am using antennas set up for a NVIS shower service so it is not optimal for long distance DX although at times the signal may reach you. Also i am only running 200w on 4835 and 100w on 2310,i may increase this a bit but power bills prohibit the use of more than a few hundred watts. Also as fading is often 20 to 30 db an increase that would make a difference would require a massive increase in power.The core times for transmission is from 0500 to 1000 UTC although i could be on at any time and if conditions are good past 1000 UTC (8pm local) i often stay on till much latter. With the low power the service to the coverage area is very good between 1 hour before sunset to generally a couple of hours after. The core transmission times will change with the seasons. As i have only been on this property for a few months and setting things up technically i have not produced a web site or FB page for the station yet but it will come but if you like you could except this email as a QSL card for your reception. When the Australian Broadcasting Corporation operated these frequency's with 50kw from Alice Springs i heard them on the west coast of the USA on a sangen with a few feet of wire. This is not the New Radio Australia as when the Australian Broadcasting Corporation who ran it got out of shortwave the licences passed on to private individuals who had big ideas but the interest faded and most have been silent but i wanted to put some thing up on shortwave and now have the space to do it and negotiated to get the frequency's transferd to me. It is early days yet but the station will evolve over time. Shortwave Australia is not an official name just something i made up. The licences apart from an identification number don't actually have a callsign.

Dave vk3ase (via Gary Pence via WOR io group)