sabato 23 luglio 2022

Algerian Radio testing new SW transmitters

Algerian Radio has started testing from their new SW sites at Ouargla and/or Bechar, where installation of new 300 kW Ampegon transmitters has been underway for several years to cover the Sahel region. TDA facebook page reported yesterday (21 July) that technicians at Berkaoui (near Ouargla) are preparing for the launch of the new SW centre there.

Radio Algiers heard since tune-in at 1600 UTC today on 15340 kHz with low audio modulation, also noted since 2045 tune-in in parallel on 15100 kHz with a much stronger signal and better audio. Programming mosting in Arabic, with some French. Currently (at 2110 UTC) 15100 and 15340 are in parallel with the web feed of Radio Algerie Chaine 1 in Arabic.

The schedule so far does not reflect HFCC registrations. The registered schedule also includes the relays via Issoudun (France).


(Dave Kenny via bdxc-news io group)