venerdì 8 ottobre 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

FRANCE 13735 kHz empty carrier on air already at my tune in at 14.59 UT on Oct 8th of S=9+40dB or -32dBm much powerhouse in central Portugal remotedly,

Tejo area of remote KIWI server,

TX OFF at 15.00:50 to 15.02 UT, then switched on again, followed by Atlantic Ocean weather reports, Londres and Marocco etc. many data figures of "Hecto Pascal ...".

Some microfon muffled / scratched audio, slight disturbed audio feeder circuit ... never/not high-fi quality,

15.08:50 UT changed to lady presenter operator in ENGLISH language, talked on weather low pressure system. 1025 Hectopascal high pressure system, forecast til Monday.

Madeira island weather, wind of NNE winds 21 knots, 1020 pressure,

Tenerife island weather, 1020 pressure, 18 knots NNE winds.

15.16:30 UT female operator replaced by male presenter in FRENCH language again,

til 15.23:50 UT - Placement ? given again by female voice presenter :

I guess now a lot tournament result points announced given of number for example #912 .. or #819, #692 in mixted mainly French language and some English numbers announced in between.

Placement ended 15.26:50 UT. "Have a nice day..." - final annment.

Hard rock like 'machine gun pop music' heard then. Nothing special of French touristic folk music heard. MX stopped at 15.28:10 UT, empty carrier still at present at powerhouse level,
at 15.30:02 shortwave transmitter at TDF Issoudun broadcast center switched OFF.

73 wb df5sx