sabato 23 ottobre 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

USA 7489.907 WBCQ poor and tiny S=4 signal in western Europe at 02.13 UT Oct 23 check.

I checked the 41 mb bc band this early night morning around 01.45 to 02.30 UT here in weEUR, log will be given later the day in TopNews #1483.

A lot of Chinese stns on air at this time, service from Kashgar, Urumqi, Geermu, Lhasa Baiding Tibet site, Xianyang in Mandarin CNR1 and CNR2, and various China's national languages heard.

7245 TJK Radio 'empty strong carrier' already on air before 02.00 from Dushanbe TJK.

7285.004 IRN Arabic 'Al-Quds TV radio' from Sirjan, Arabic 01.30-06.00 UT.

UNIDENTIFIED 7297.883 kHz like pirate FREE JAZZ trumpet + singer US jazz program, S=6-7 signal at 02.04 UT.

surprise, surprise, seldom reported: 7325even PAK R Pakistan in Urdu sce from Islamabad at 02.00-02.30 UT, (?) only weekends on shortwave (?), many IDs in Urdu at 02.06 UT, 10 kHz wide audio block, excellent program audio feed from bcast center, respect to the technicians at Islamabad !

7505.002 kHz USA seldom heard WRNO these days in western Europe, annmt "", powerful S=9+15dB, but audio feed not clear quality, somewhat disturbed and scratchy at 02.15 UT on Oct 23.

7600even ARM clandestine veiled " R AFG International" from Yerevan Gavar bcast center in Pashto, scheduled 14.30-02.30 UT heard around 02.19 UT in WeEUR. S=9+15dB backlobe into Europe. Not yet requested in B-21 winter schedule anymore - not yet ...

7780even USA WRMI carrying RAE Buenos Aires weekly Spanish program, 02.00-02.30 UT (Sat = day 7), on other days of the week also in English, French, and Portuguese. see below. Powerful and excellent signal strength of S=9+20dB into western Europe. (compare WRMI BS TOM 7730even kHz only S=4-5 at same time slot).

On Fridays Spanish instead.

see page 4 of download

RAE broadcasts via WRMI FL-USA at present.
0100 9395 Tue/Thur/Sat English, Wed French, Fri Spanish
0200 5800 7780 Thur English, Fri French, Wed Portuguese
0200 5800 7780 Tue/Sat Spanish <<<<<< today UT Saturday
0900 9455 Tue/Thur Chinese, Sat English, Wed/Fri Japanese.
1600 7780 Mon-Thur German
2100 9395 Mon-Fri Italian - summer [only winter time 2200 UT]
2330 7780 Mon French, Tue German, Wed English
2330 7780 Thur Italian, Fri Spanish.

73 wb df5sx