giovedì 28 ottobre 2021

Radio SE-TA 2: tests and next broadcasts

Germany: The AM test broadcasts of Radio SE-TA 2 (, sic, without the 2) on 6115 kHz are over. Christoph Gerber is happy with the technical performance and with the response from the DX community. He is now preparing a regular schedule for January 2022. The planned DRM broadcasts are currently stuck in the regulatory process between different regulatory authorities.
So, the next broadcasts of Radio SE-TA 2 are these high power broadcasts leased from Media Broadcast Nauen:

25 December 2021, 0900-1100 h: 6095 kHz „der Musikalische Frühschoppen“ (in German)
1 January 2022, 1100-1200 h: 6095 kHz „Let’s Go Rock’n Roll“ (also in German)

(Dr Hansjoerg Biener 28 October 2021 via WOR io group)