martedì 26 ottobre 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel log

UZBEKISTAN 5829.938 kHz exact measured at 17.00 UT, likely via transmitting stn of RRTM Telecom Tashkent Uzbekistan bcast center, Iran International TV news program in Persian, read by female presenter, S=9+5dB backlobe into southern Germany Perseus SDR unit.

ETHIOPIA 7110even HoA music played at 16.56 UT, S=9+10dB noted in southern Germany.

Nothing noted on regular domestic px channels of ETH on
5950 - empty channel,
6030 CHN channel CNR 1 (DRM) 3FF code Mandarin from Beijing #572 center,
6090 empty channel,
6110 TWN only at 17.02 UT Japanese sce of 'Furusato no kaze' from Tamsui at proper S=9+10dB into Europe.

SAUDI ARABIA 11745.013 Al-AZM Radio in Arabic to Yemen southern frontier target, S=9+5dB strength backlobe into southern Germany from Jedddah bcast center at 17.20 UT on Oct 26

11859.964 Republic of Yemen Excile radio from Riyadh, S=7-8 around 17.26

NIGERIA Nothing noted on 7255v nor 11775v tonight.

SRI LANKA 11750.005 kHz CLN Sri Lanka BC stn Colombo from Trincomalee, 12 kHz wideband music in Sinhalese? sce, S=9+25dB into EUR, 17.21 UT.

GERMANY 11760.027 much odd fq of US AGM Biblis Germany, in Kurdish, scheduled 17 to 18 UT, S=9+5dB, 17.18 UT, and underneath poor to fair 11760even kHz of RHC Bauta Cuba NoAM.

BRAZIL 11815.027 probably weak and tiny Brazil Central ?

MARIANAS 11984.974 kHz US AGM RFA Korean sce at 17.33 UT, from Saipan at Agignan Point, S=9 signal further on behind Korea D.P.R. target across Far East Asia, Siberia into western Europe. S=9.

PHILIPPINES 12120even Radio Pilipinas Tinang US AGM bcast relay site, S=8-9 at 17.38 UT.

THAILAND 12054.968 kHz much odd fq, US AGM VoA Somali sce via Udorn Thani Ban Dung relay site, at level S=8 at 17.40 UT on Oct 26, HoA music 17.41-17.43 UT.

73 wb df5sx