domenica 31 ottobre 2021

B-21 season, Sunday Oct 31 remotedly

Checked North America roundup in NY and MI SDR's at 12.00-13.11 UT.

21470kHz ROU N o t , off-air RRI Bucharest En to Africa 12.00-12.57 UT Tiganesti 300 kW site, seemingly 2nd Continental TX still in repair by RadioCom Romania, faulty TX since 1st April 2021.
4789.979 USA WBCQ (ex scheduled 5130 kHz) S=7-8 at 12.08 UT.
5010even USA WRMI Okeechobee, S=2-3, seemingly exciter string standby?
5024.997 CUB Radio Rebelde Bauta, mx at 12.10 UT S=7 fair signal.
5800even USA WRMI Okeechobee S=6-7, TOM BS 'Believe it ... Do it ...'
5849.999 USA WRMI songs '50er years era US horse type music' hill Billy, 12.20 UT.
5950even USA WRMI Okeechobee, TOM BS roarer too ...
5970even USA Catholic Christian chorus via WEWN Birmingham, nice sound quality at 12.23 UT on Sunday Oct 31st.
5980even USA US AGM anti-Cuban/LatinAM in Spanish, powerhouse from Greenville_NC broadcast center, S=9+20dB backlobe in MI.
5999.999 CUB RHC Quivican 250kW relay site at San Felipe TITAN, LatAM songs played. 12.26 UT.
6069.992 CAN Seemingly aligned some 20 Hertz in fq higher ! CFRX Toronto in En S=5-6 in Rochester NY state, 12.31 UT.
6099.998 CUB ?? Very weak RHC signal at 10degr ?, seemingly only tx exciter connected to antenna ? checked thrice against 6000

6140even surprise which broadcaster was on air 12.30-13.15UT on Sunday ? PHL Vatican Radio Saturday(7 ! ) only Mandarin Chinese program in bcast time exchange via US AGM relay Tinang The Philippines, via Kamchatka, Alaska, WeCanada path into MI / NY SDR's remote. S=4 could't it be? Or was Chinese mainland jamming on 6140 kHz on air ? Never heard before, that China securities damage Vatican Radio shortwave outlets with their effective CNR1 jamming net transmission ? - at 12.38 UT.
6140 kHz 1230-1315 43,44NW,44S,49N,50NW PHT 250kW 330degr 8 889 7=Saturday 311021-260322 Chinese PHL VAT VAT #10215 Chinese

6159.948 USA WBCQ from ME state near NB-CAN border, TOM BS roarer, terrible person in progress, S=7-8 signal at 12.46 UT.
7354.999 USA OCB / US AGM Spanish sce of R Marti from Greenville bcast center in NC, S=9+20dBpowerhouse, 18 kHz wideband audio!
7435.002 USA OCB / US AGM Spanish sce of R Marti from Greenville bcast center in NC, S=9+20dBpowerhouse, 14 kHz wideband audio!

SDR measured exact - against WWH, CHU, various CHN and Yamata-JPN signals as well as against WRMI Okeechobee 7570, 7780 and 9395 kHz channels.

9330even USA WBCQ with excellent audio quality transmission via Continental?/Thales-Ampegon 300 kW unit. S=9+35dB powerful 16 kHz broadband audio block visible on screen, 12.55 UT.

9399.975 PHL FEBC R Liangyon Chinese via Iba site at 13.00 UT Oct 31st
9455even USA WRMI Okeechobee, seemingly only exciter noted in MI / NY, S=2-3 poor string. ( ? )
9535.002 CUB RHC Bejucal 50 kW old USSR installation, Sp at 13.01 UT service towards Antilles, Tobago, Suriname, NoEa-South AM.
9650even TWN Excellent Sunday only signal of RFI Paris in Vietnamese via new 250 kW Pao Chung relay site in central Taiwan with Thales / Ampegon revolving ant equipment, 13-14 UT Suns only. S=5-6 noted via Alaska path in NY SDR remotedly, 13.04 UT.
9710even CUB RHC Bejucal site, in Spanish sce towards LatAM, MEX, GTM, HND, NIC, CLM ... nx by female presenter at 13.07 UT.
9839.960 VTN Voice of Vietnam Indonesian shortwave sce via Son Tay bcast center, S=5-6 at 13.09 UT.
9979.992 USA WWCR Nashville TN, TOM BS roarer at S=9+5dB level in eastern US states at 13.11 UT on Oct 31.

[selected SDR options, span 13.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / wor / hcdx Oct 31)