domenica 24 ottobre 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel log


Buzzy free RHC 6060even - clear! audio sound - not! buzzy disturbed anymore - 20 kHz wideband audio block, tx seemingly repaired now, and also later at 07.03 UT checked additional 6164.998 kHz RHC accompanied from Bauta site, both Esperanto sundays, played Guantanamera of Spanish language singer group at 07.21 UT.

More Cuban: 5040even from Bauta, English 6-7 UT, then from 07.00 UT in Spanish further schedule ? Also Spanish of Radio Rebelde, trumpet music at 07.00 UT, exact measured 5024.997 kHz odd fq little on lower sideband.

And also two USAGM opposite SCRATCHING bcast of small 2.5 kHz wide noise signalk to jam R Marti Spanish transmissions from USAGM Greenville NC, on 5980 and 6030 kHz locally on the Cuban Island audience target.

KOREA REP heard 6000.029 kHz excellent signal, - I guess from Asian Far East -, En / Korean language mixture program towards D.P.R.Korea northern neighbour, at 07.26 UT, -90dBm signal at Masset-BC-CAN, Walt's playground, hi.

MALI But also from the other - eastern path - 5995.000 exact fq, French talk channel of RTVM Bamako Mali, S=6 in western Canada, at 07.12 UT.

MEXICO 6184.970 a lot of Hertz desav. on lower side this morning, cry-like modern Mexican pop mx at 07.04 UT, followed by saxophone play at 07.07 UT on Oct 24.

USA 6159.950 on lower side, WBCQ tiny string visible at 07.09 UT, station is also on 4789.980 kHz, BUT NOT on requested 3265 kHz in 90 mb.

3215even powerhouse of S=9+25dB signal, TOM BS sermon ?, via WWCR Tennessee, at 07.18 UT on Oct 24.

BRAZIL The Brazilian seemingly on 4885.028 kHz measured today, tiny S=3-4 signal at 07.25 UT.

73 wolfy df5sx