giovedì 28 ottobre 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Re 16 mb:

Empty channels on 17595 / nor 17820 kHz signal around 00.00 UT Oct 28, at Hiroshima / nor heard in northern Tokyo. JBA - Maybe Glenn did visible some Oklahoma main power string disturbtion noise signals on his display.

In Tokyo and Hiroshima remote Perseus SDR screens - the 16 mband was clean.

KOREA D.P.R. But surprise, surprise noted tiny jamming signal of "siren, howling buoy" type on exact 17800 kHz, like heard often by Vietnam security forces used in 31 mband at other time of the day against VTN mountain people language ministry of FEBA Philippines services etc.

Then checked the \\ harmonic of 8900exact fq S=6 or -94dBm strength at Hirsoshima, and fundamental 4450exact KRE jamming of same type against VoP KOR S=9+25dB in Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan, also as summary SAME jammming noted on 3 channels: 4450 / 8900 / 17800 kHz at 00.00 UT.

UNIDENTIFIED 15249.996 kHz UNIDENTIFIED English language NUMBER station. Weak and tiny on U S B-mode audio part upper side. 8 x digits read each group, continued in English language, at least 15 minutes I listened to, around after 00.20 UT then slight fade-out.

MARIANA ISLS 15209.996 kHz US AGM RFA Lao sce from Tinian, S=4-5 tiny into Hiroshima SDR at 00.28 UT.

re >> Tuning only JBA / WOOB areas between 16300 and 12500 kHz.

in mid November after DST change on northern hemishere I'll monitor-check by SDR units in Far East, Taiwan and Vietname target, the TWN / CHN radio war again - of Falun Gong sect, between - in the 6200 and 21800 kHz frequency band range.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 28)