martedì 23 giugno 2020

Writtle and the Birth of British Radio Broadcasting

“Hello CQ! This is 2MT Writtle Calling”

The success of the Chelmsford concerts leads to the amazing story of radio station 2MT in Writtle and its charismatic leader Peter Eckersley, who became Britain’s first regular radio broadcaster and soon the first Chief Engineer of the new BBC.

Author, Lecturer, Playwright and Consultant Curator of Science and Industry for Chelmsford City Museums – Tim is widely acknowledged to be a world authority on the history of Marconi, radio and broadcasting and for the past five years he has also been researching and writing about the fascinating war time history of the Isle of Wight concentrating on the development of radar. Tim has published 11 books with number 12, “From Marconi to Melba – the Centenary of the first British Radio Broadcasts” now fresh off the press. See He has written four stage plays, three radio plays and has appeared at three of the last four prestigious Isle of Wight Literary Festivals. He also has numerous television and radio credits and prepares and edits scripts for many different TV and radio programmes.