martedì 30 giugno 2020

Keeping AM radio alive

World Music Radio (WMR) has been broadcasting on 5840 and 15805 kHz since 2018. Coming soon is 927 kHz.  And Radio208 has been broadcasting since December 2019 on 1440 kHz and since May 2020 also on shortwave 5805 kHz. It has cost a lot of time, energy and money – but it has been and still is great fun – keeping shortwave and mediumwave alive. The cost of the transmitters (some 15000 euro), aerials and transmitter sites is one thing. Another thing is the running cost. The two big expenses are: Music royalties: 450 euro each month; Power costs: 1300 euro each month (when all transmitters are on full power). If you could help keeping WMR and Radio208 on the air, your support would be highly appreciated. All amounts are welcome. Please use this link: or make a bank transfer to Hartvig Media, Hovedvejen 17, DK 8920 Randers NV – IBAN DK1093310007162081 – SWIFT KRONDK22

All contributors donating at least 25 euro will receive a WMR mouse pad (23 x 18 cm). Please mention your street address.  
If you want your contribution to be anonymous please write “anon”

MW-TX for sale
Two 300 Watts (1.2 kW PEP AM) mediumwave transmitters for sale. They are both new and never used. Full details here:   If serious – please write to 

Best 73s and good listening,
Stig Hartvig Nielsen
World Music Radio / Radio208