martedì 23 giugno 2020

Radio Verdad, Guatemala update

I received a nice email from Dr. Edgar Madrid, who operates the 'Radio Verdad', Chiquimula short wave radio station in Guatemala operating on

4055 kHz. It operates mostly during the daylight hours in Guatemala but can be heard prior to local U.S. sunrise, then fade out. Then again from our U.S. sunset through the darkness hours in the U.S. .

He reported that the COVID19 virus has not affected people in Chiquimula, although most are staying home.

He reported that it took four months for my early January letter to reach him.

He further reported that

"Radio Verdad has not ceased operation, except that we sometimes operate automatically, mostly by night. We are transmitting to some countries with 'Radio Truth International' too. We are now in the effort to send our signal to the United States with all power. I expect your report whenever you pick up Radio Truth with a very strong signal, which does not require antennas. It may be very soon. I am receiving reports from Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil with our new strong signal already. We are struggling to make all that possible.

May God be with you and take care of your good health.

Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid

web site:

(C. Gessner via WOR io group)