sabato 27 giugno 2020

Wolfgang Bueschel: logs June 27 at 19.50-21 UT in central Europe

More logs June 27 at 19.50-21 UT here in central Europe:

KOREA D.P.R.  11634.968  Voice of Korea from Kujang, full English
schedule given/read at 19.54 UT, 18 kHz wideband broad audio signal,
S=9+25dB or -53dBm strength.
and next to 11640even channel of CRI Bamako Mali relay,
probably in Portuguese(?) language at 19.56 UT. S=8-9 or -72dBm.

11910even kHz exact fq  Voice of Korea KCBS Korean via Kujang site,
S=9+10dB at 20.12 UT. And low two buzz strings visible either sideband
+/- 100 / 200 Hertz apart distance strings.

12014.990 kHz  Voice of Korea KCBS Korean via Kujang site,
S=9+40dB or -41dBm powerhouse signal towards central Europe,
Korean language program at 20.18 UT. (and Kujang own intermodulation
scratching jammer signals covered audio,
occured on the bcast center in KRE  D.P.R.)

MADAGASCAR  11965even WCB MWV African Pathway scheduled,
S=9+20dB or -55dBm at 20.20 UT.
'Paul and the Gospel - Hebrew book text...'

SPAIN  11670even REE Madrid Noblejas, LIVE COVERAGE of Spanish football
S=9+25dB or -48dBm,
also on \\ 11940even S=9+35dB much 10.8 kHz wideband audio block
visible, and \\ 12030even S=9+30dB at 20.20 UT on June 27.

SAUDI ARABIA  11745.014 kHz BSKSA of Army Radio Al-Azm, probably from
Jeddah site, modern Arabic pop singer heard, S=9+10dB -61dBm backlobe
signal (main towards Yemen civil war target), 19.58 UT on June 27.

11859.990 kHz  Excile Radio Republic of Yemen, from Riyadh site,
S=9+10dB or -65dBm signal at 20.08 UT on June 27, mx program.
Underneath supposedly US Trump Radio Marti from USAGM Greenville site.
11860nearly even fq from USA North Carolina, poor signal at this hour
in Europe. \\ 11930.002 kHz  USAGM S=7 or -86dBm in Europe at 20.12 UT

11820.045  BSKSA HQ Holy Quran sce, nx in Arabic, superpower signal
S=9+55dB (!) signal at 20.04 UT on June 27 in central Europe.
Hit poor Brazilian signal on next 11815.028 kHz S=4 tiny,
R Brasil Central Goiana at 20.03 UT.

ASCENSION ISL  12095even BBC English, comment on Corona virus managed in
France by President Macron, 20.35 UT on June 27, S=9+20dB or -53dBm

BRAZIL  11780.010  R Nacional Amazonia, Brasilia, fair S=5-6 -84dBm
signal noted at 20.01 UT.

SAO TOME  11900.054  US Trump Voice of America USAGM Pinheira island
bcast center, "Satisfaction" pop song ?beetles?, French sce at 20.11 UT,
S=9+20dB strength in Europe.

U.K.  12050even  Radio Ndarason International in Kanuri language to
( Chad? ), S=9+40dB powerhouse at -35dBm level, here in central Europe.
20.21 UT, via Encompass Digital Media Services at Woofferton England site.

NIGERIA   11769.904 kHz measured at 19.40 UT on June 27,
Voice of Nigeria, Abuja site, S=9+20dB or -58dBm signal here in
southern Germany tonight.
Fulfulde program, speech of male presenter to West Africa.

73 wb  df5sx