lunedì 22 giugno 2020

BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2020, June 21, 21.30 UT

ASCENSION ISL / U.K.   Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2020,
on Sunday June 21 at 21.30:05 UT test start
Antarctica - reminder: midsummer broadcast of BBC.

           Johannesburg RSA           Sao Paulo BRA / Rio de Janeiro
5790 WOF   S=9+10dB -69dBm fluttery   S=9+10dB     -62dBm
           Montevideo URG    S=9+10dB -67dBm

7360 WOF   S=9+20dB    -58dBm         S=9+20dB -59dBm
           Montevideo URG    S=9+10dB -63dBm

9580 likely via ASC, both neighbours 9575 and 9585 kHz were empty
           S=5 -98dBm threshold       S=7   -83dBm
           Montevideo URG    S=7 -84dBm

Once planned BBC not on air - 6170 kHz
suffers by broadband RNAmazonia powerhouse 6180 kHz splatter from Brasilia
site S=7-8 signal at 21.44 UT on June 21.

Best signal in Antarctic target area of these 3 fqs today:
in southern Atlantic, Brazil and South Africa were 7360 kHz.
73 wb  df5sx - June 21.

Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast 2020.

Every year, the BBC World Service makes this special programme for just
40 listeners: the team of scientists and support staff isolated at British
research stations in the Antarctic midwinter. The Antarctic Midwinter
Broadcast is unlike anything else on the BBC World Service. Presented by
Cerys Matthews, it features messages from family and friends at home
as well as music requests from Antarctica. For decades it has been part
of the traditional midwinter celebrations.