domenica 21 giugno 2020

25 mb Abuja Nigeria now

1900-2000 on 11769.9 AJA 250 kW / 248 deg to WCAf Fulfulde

11769.902 kHz VoNigeria Abuja in Fulfulde at 19.22 UT on June 21,
S=9+10dB in EUR and Liverpool England.
S=9      in Delhi India remote SDR rx.

SPAIN nothing noted on 9690v kHz of Abuja Nigeria site today.

 9690even REE Madrid from Noblejas,
LIVE coverage of Spanish football league, "sin publico, no gente"
15.33 UT on June 21,
S=9+20dB here in Germany and Switzerland remote Perseus units.
Accompanied two spurious signal strings,
some BUZZ audio visible on +/- 100 and 300 Hertz distance
either sideband. No Nigeria string seen.
Talks on Tenerife and Atletico Madrid teams.

\\ 11670even S=9+15dB and 11940even kHz S=9+20dB at 15.40 UT.
Nothing noted on 11685 kHz nor on 12030 kHz.

TANZANIA / {Dole Zanzibar island}
11735even  UNIDENTIFIED weak and tiny string visible at
15.45 UT on June 21
like S=4 or -102dB poor strength, but no audio traced so far.
Maybe defunct Dole Zanzibar tx like exciter signal only,
no transmitter power amplifier unit on air.

73 wb