lunedì 29 giugno 2020

Trasmissione test da Woofferton

Questa mattina (29 Giugno 2020) alle 1047UTC (s/off alle 1055) ho ascoltato una trasmissione test con invito ad inviare il rapporto di ascolto a sui 9885kHz con SINPO 55555. In tempi brevissimi ho ricevuto la risposta: si tratta come già segnalato da altri in passato di prove sul tx di Woofferton. Qui un estratto della risposta:


Hello Davide,

Thank you for your report and I confirm the details are correct. These transmissions were to fault-find on a 250/300 kW sender at the UK HF transmitter station at Woofferton.

These duration of these tests can be variable as the engineers can sometimes need a long time to establish a fault or they may interrupt the test, make an adjustment and resume. This is particularly so if the fault is of an intermittent nature.

Encompass Digital Media, Woofferton is the only remaining UK HF sender broadcast station and also is the only one with this transmission test audio and email address.

The audio is contained in a file play-out system and incorporates non-copyright music and voice announcements from one of the engineers, Martin 2E1EKX at the transmitter site.

Thanks for your interest.

Dave G4OYX


Davide IW2NZR