mercoledì 28 novembre 2018

Wolfgang Bueschel tips

TURKEY   re UNID carrier 9870v kHz at 01-03 UT.

Tonight at Nov 28 on 02-03 UT checked the Spanish sce of TRT Emirler,
on various remote SDR units
at Delhi, Moscow RUS, Greece, Germany, Belgium, U.K. and in Florida USA.

9870.012 kHz mostly S=7-8 signal, carrier empty at 0203 UT.

TRT Spanish from Emirler at 01.57 UT onwards,
heard with played pause signal again and again and annmt by female voice in

9410.006 TUR  TRT S=9+10dB, program start in Spanish at 02.00:09 UT.
From 0200 UT onwards heard 24hrs of China mainland 'metallic sound' of
jamming noise against BBCWS English 9410 kHz channel.
This jamming monitored already about 8 years ago, - for first time.

9650.005 TUR  TRT S=9+10dB, program in Spanish at 0205 UT.

9265even USA  WINB En sermon at 0207 UT S=8-9 in Germany.

9335.005 THA  VoA Burmese from Udorn Thani site, S=8 in Germany, at 0210 UT.

9380.005 IND  AIR Hindi program subcontinental singer S=9+10dB heard in
Greece server SDR unit.

some logs of Nov 27 at 1230-1308 UT,
noted in Brisbane Australia and Nagasaki Japan remote SDR's:

5040.001 IND  AIR Jeypore Kolkata, S=7 poor in Australia, 1230 UT.

5049.998 CHN  probably VO Beibu Bay Radio, Nanning #954 bcast center site,
in Thai language at 1232 UT, S=4-5.

3945v two services co-channel, R Nikkei ahead.
3945 kHz JPN  R Nikkei-2 Jap mx program, and
3945.007 kHz from KRE E o Unification Pyongyang in Korean. 1237 UT Nov 27

3219.905 KRE  KCBS Pyongyang in Korean, mx program, shrill female
NoKorean Peoples Army operator singer group. 1240 UT on Nov 27,
powerful S=9+25dB in Queensland Australia. Carrier stronger than
lower modulation level.

3319.995 KRE  Pyongyang BS Pansong, S=9+30dB powerful sce in remote
SDR unit at Nagasaki Japan, 1245 UT on Nov 27.

3324.998 INS  Palangka Raya, female voice, newscast at 1307 UT, many items
mention of Indonesia, S=8 in Queensland Australia remote SDR unit.

73 wb