giovedì 22 novembre 2018

Proposed restoration of ABC shortwave for NT welcome news

Radio New Zealand interviewed Jemima Garrett, co-convener of the group Supporters of Australian Broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific, about the promise of Australia's Labor Party to restore domestic shortwave to the Northern Territory.  She thinks this "bodes well" for the restoration of ABC shortwave broadcasts to the Pacific region. 

She did say that shortwave to the Pacific could be restored with "similar amounts of money" than required for the resumption of the domestic shortwave service, which, to me, seems unlikely.

As possible transmitting sites for the Pacific shortwave service, she mentions Shepparton, but also "three transmitters in the Northern Territory." I wonder if she was referring to the possibility of leasing time from Reach Beyond Kununurra, which is actually in Western Australia.

Anyway, listen to the audio and see what you make of it.

(Kim Elliott via WOR io group)