martedì 27 novembre 2018

VOA Begins Broadcasting in Lingala language

** U S A. VOA IN LINGALA --- all the publicity about adding a new language never got around to telling us what frequencies, what times!

Finally I go searching for it, leading to the VOA French page at

Then searching on Lingala merely leads to these two items:

Basango na VOA -- a five-minute live newscast in Lingala drawn from Africa division reporting and from Lingala stringers, broadcast at 14:00 UTC / 3 pm Kinshasa time and at 16:00 UTC / 5 pm Kinshasa time.

Bokolongono mpe Bomoyi (Health and Life) -- a five-minute pre-recorded health show in Lingala focusing on Ebola and HIV/AIDS drawn from Africa division’s health reporting and from Votre Sante [sic] Votre Avenir. It airs at 09:05 UTC / 10:05 am Kinshasa time and at 10:05 UTC / 11:05 am Kinshasa time following the five-minute French newscasts.

OK, now to find the SW frequencies for French at 09, 10, 14 and 16 UT:

There aren`t any! So must be on FM/web only, which I am not going to hunt for this far away (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hi, Glenn, I’m reasonably sure that, when I was in Johannesburg, in 1984-85, Moscow may have had programs in Lingala. They had several transmissions in what sounded like Central African languages — tonal, with French loan words. I always wished they would have announcements in Russian, as does VOA, in English, telling you what language was coming up: “This is the Voice of America. The following program is in Albanian.”

I once heard Moscow or Peace in Progress, in Zulu, with its distinctive clicks, and intonation [Xhosa? gh], but, never heard it again. I also once heard a clandestine broadcast from Zambia (maybe) in, of all things, Afrikaans, with a black African speaker. Tried to find it again, never did. 73, (Tim Hendel, AL, Nov 25, 2018, DX LISTENING DIGEST)