sabato 19 maggio 2018

WINB Testing in DRM mode

America's Oldest Commercial Shortwave Station Testing in DRM

WINB, America's oldest commercial shortwave station, is testing in DRM via two transmitters. The test transmissions are directed to both parts of Europe and North America.

A new ASI transmitter, a CE-50000WS, is on the following test schedule: Monday-Friday 1100-1700 UT on 15670 kHz. The transmitter is rated at 15 kW and is using a rhombic antenna at 62 degrees.

At times when the ASI transmitter is not being tested, WINB will be testing in DRM via its existing Continental 417B transmitter on 9265 kHz via a rhombic antenna beamed 242 degrees.

Programming is from WINB's Internet audio stream and is in English and Spanish. WINB is America's oldest commercial shortwave station, having come on the air in 1962. The station is located in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, USA (via Hans Johnson, WINB Sales Manager, via Alokesh Gupta, May 18, cumbredx yg via DXLD)