mercoledì 30 maggio 2018

New public regional station in Transylvania, also on mediumwave

New public regional station in Transylvania (AM 1197, 1593 kHz and FM) planned
"From 1 October 2018, Romania will have another public regional broadcaster. On 24 May, the Board of Directors of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation decided to establish the new regional studio Braşov (Kronstadt). Radio România Braşov FM is formed by merging the sub-divisions Antena Braşovului of Radio Târgu Mureş and Antena Sibiului of Radio Cluj. Braşov FM will serve the Transylvanian counties Braşov and Sibiu, where the presence of the public service media was so far only weak (according to the statement). The potential audience consists of the approximately 1 million inhabitants of the two counties and the numerous domestic and foreign tourists visiting the region. Radio România Braşov FM will broadcast from 1 October 2018, initially on 93.3 MHz FM and AM 1197 kHz for Braşov and 1593 kHz for Sibiu. More FM frequencies will be added later. The program will be predominantly in Romanian, but there will also be programs in the languages of local minorities, Hungarian and German."
(Sorin Georgescu, German mailbag program of Radio România Internaţional, 27 May 2018,, translated by Dr Hansjoerg Biener)