domenica 27 maggio 2018

Radio Télévision Guinéenne new website

Radio Télévision Guinéenne [RTG], the government broadcaster in Guinea Republic (Conakry), now has a new quadrilingual website at, streaming live radio and TV. The radio stream is observed identifying on air as 'Radio Guineé' and found to be in parallel with the shortwave outlet on 9650 kHz when checked via a Brazilian web SDR at 11:55 UT today (24 May 2018). The site gives options to view textual content in either Arabic, Chinese, English or French.

ETA: Observing the stream for the past few days it's apparent the station now broadcasts round the clock, with no sign-on/sign-off formalities at all at the former sign-on/sign-off times (0600 & 2400 UT/local time). A regular jingle with voice-over announcement in French states that they broadcast in French, English and local languages. No English programming observed by me so far.

(David Kernick, Interval Signals Online via WOR io group)