mercoledì 13 agosto 2014

Rare, Unusual & Unique QSL Cards

Shortwave listeners, international radio monitors and DXers around the world are invited to search their collection of QSL cards and letters for rare, unusual and unique verifications.  You are invited to make up a list (up to 5 in number) of your QSLs in this collective category, and to write a short paragraph about each, as an important part of our annual DX contest.  Partial entries for this year's contest are considered to be valid.  
At the conclusion of the contest, we at Wavescan are planning to write up and publish a detailed compilation of interesting information on a world wide basis about the rare, unusual and unique QSLs that come to light in this way.  This will be the first occasion in the history of international radio broadcasting for the compilation of such a QSL list, and you all are invited to submit entries.

Full details of this remarkable contest are available on several websites:-
* ontheshortwaves. com
* mt-shortwave.blogspot. com
* awr. org

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