venerdì 22 agosto 2014

Ascolti onde medie Giovanni Carboni iz5pqt

MW Log from. S. Antioco Island (39°N, 8°27' E)

SONY ICF-SW7600GR portable with own antenna
MX=music NX=news ID=identification

945 kHz Smooth Radio, G, from 2315 to 2400. MX and commercials. Good reception (only 700 Watts!)
19 aug 2014

999 kHz Radju Malta (700 km).
Fair signal everyday during daytime,
good copy (no QRM, no QSB).
Nice music program all day with brief talks in Maltese.
BBC news in English at 1200 and 1800 UTC.
After sunset strong QRM from other stations.

720 kHz Radio Difusao Portuguesa (RDP) Antena 1 (1500 km).
Fair reception early in the morning from 0400 to 0430 UTC, but often hampered by rapid QSB and echoes that make signal uncopiable. There are 5 active RDP 1 transmitters on 720 kHz, impossibe to tell which one is.
It is the only station from Portugal received here.

1530 kHz VOA Sao Tome e Principe (4300 km). Every evening excellent reception with strong signal, from about 2000 to 2200 UTC s/off.
No QRM, little QSB. Programs in French and English with african music.

1566 kHz TWR Parakou, BEN (3350 km). Listened to french program on 7 aug 2014. ID at 2039 UTC then Bible reading with comments from M.
Listened to until 2110.
Deep periodic QSB makes station go on and off with several minutes period.