sabato 23 agosto 2014

Glenn Hauser logs August 23, 2014

** AUSTRALIA. 9580, 12065 et al., Saturday August 23 at 1359, `Saturday Night Country` closing first hour to resume after news and so it does at 1405. Mentions Local [sic] Radio, its originating network? So RA has preserved at least one of its allegedly most popular shows (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. 13635, Aug 23 at 1423, CNR1 jamming, poor signal and target also audible. Per Aoki, a lucky catch as RFA Cantonese via TINIAN at 14-15 is on this frequency only on Saturdays. Per Aoki the others are: 13585 M/W/F; 13595 Tue/Thu. Obviously the SARFT jamming command is on top of them, so why bother to jumparound in this and many other cases, merely confusing casual listeners who don`t have the full schedules? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6000, Aug 23 at 0543, this RHC English frequency is off again, while the others are nominal.

13740, Aug 23 at 1401, open carrier/dead air when relay of CRI English should have started; it`s going at next check 1423 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 17630, Aug 23 at 1403, CRI English with good signal, modulating unlike via Cuba 13740; as the Urumqi relay has resumed after a (maintenance?) break. During which there was no and still is no sign of the alleged co-channel CRI French ex-English relay via Mali during this hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 13850, Aug 23 at 0537, R. Cairo with Arab music, fair signal and modulation not too bad (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 9420, Aug 23 at 0539, fair signal with Greek music. ERTOpen had not been on at previous check circa 0100 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MOROCCO. 9575, Aug 23 at 0539, Médi-1 with good signal better than usual, making it more obvious that it`s undermodulated with French talk. Stronger than 9700 Romania and weaker than 9535 Spain/Algeria/France, which would be hard to beat (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SINGAPORE. 11890, Aug 23 at 1425, excited commentary in English, sports show? Poor signal, shown in Aoki as BBCWS via Kranji: 14-15 100 kW 320 degrees, morphing at 15-17 to 250 kW, 315 degrees (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 15795, Aug 23 at 1401, preacher in English and nothing on 15825, so WWCR has failed to change frequency at 1200 --- or a deliberate extension? Still there at 1421, 1533, 1709. Sked at
still shows *1200* change effective till Aug 31 (and modified sked after that not yet up). It really doesn`t matter as nothing else is scheduled on either frequency 24h except: 15795, 1145-1315 AIR in Chinese: HFCC says analog, Aoki & EiBi say DRM. Really? How is that faring against ChiCom CNR1/Firedrake jamming, as in EiBi but not Aoki? Anyhow, WWCR would already be conflicting with that.

WWCR is really registered for 15795 until 1300, but no more. Moving 30 kHz down permanently would slightly increase their potential audience via multi-band but not general coverage receivers which don`t go all the way up to 15825. Original decision to go to the far right of the 15 MHz band did avoid interference problems as a trade-off, but no longer really necessary. And does anyone recall where the 15 MHz broadcast band officially ends per ITU allocations? I don`t (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 17790, Aug 23 at 1402, open carrier/dead air from WRMI with R. Africa Network, like CRI via Cuba 13740, slow starts on a Saturday morning. 17790 is modulating by next check 1421, probably much earlier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 930, Aug 23 at 0549 UT, Coast to Coast AM affiliate // countless others, audible with WKY OKC nulled. Searching 930 at
goes to NY, SD, MD, KY, IL and WY. Of those, most likely would be WTAD in Quincy IL as logged a number of times here (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1724 UT August 23