domenica 6 maggio 2018

WWRB downsizing, selling Rohn tower sections

We will have about 300 sections   of Rhon 25 G tower sections for sale. The cost for each section will be $ 50.00 per and carry. 

We are in the process of taking down 7 antennas here at WWRB The towers are still standing right now......

before we take action we want to find out if any of your readers have any need for them. It's a lot of work taking them down section by section if no intrest in them we cut the guy lines and let them fall  then it's off to the scrap yard.....a total loss for every one....... 4 WORKING ...100 kw transmitters met the same fate cut up and scraped. 

We are in the process of building a new Aircraft Runway for our students and need the land with very few obstructions.

We have on site our own VORTAC,,DME,,ILS, NDB beacon GPS approaches lending this facility for intensive flight training from private pilot to airline transport rating. in one hour we can do ten ILS approaches saving plenty of time &money not being vectored around for spacing between aircraft

We offer Bush training instructing pilots how to operate in short runways takeoff's and landing's 

For the most part Shortwave Broadcasting is done for  because most religious group's are 'return on investment' not intrested in furthering the Gospel to just anybody they want to see $$$$$$ and bodies  with pay checks in there social club (church) 

shortwave broadcasting cost plenty of money with almost zero $$$$$$$ return.... some one in cuba is not going to be in the social clubs (church) fold  and NOT bring them there paycheck so they do not care about them except in cheap lip service  how sad but true.

 It's sad that when they contact our company  for a charity medical  flight in our Cessna Citation they get mad as hell when we tell them we will pay for everything but..........  they have to PAY for the fuel  CLICK is what you hear on the Phone and they NEVER call back........when you look at the social clubs (church) web site they boast 2000 member PLUS!!!!  social club (church)  and they cannot pay for know them by their fruit...never ending search  for SUCKERS!!!!!   can't even pay the fuel bill but they have a BIG  building!!!!   

There are a few people that have a true heart wanting to reach people so we keep one antenna and one transmitter and give them the airtime at dead cost 100 kw for 25.00 per hour. 

I have 25 students my self in various stages of training and it is such a PLEASURE working with people that are not afraid of the booooogie man going to take their  pop gun or pop pistol away.
or hiding under their bed eating MRE's (meals ready to eat) or arguing over some Chicken Shit social club(Church)  doctrine that cannot be proven one way or the other but are willing to kill you or destroy you  over it

 In closing via our web page if your readers have and interest or need let us know how many they need  again contact us via our web page contact at 

Thank you glenn for allowing this on your page we hope your readers can make use of these tower sections for thier ham/ sw station  again thank you!!!!!  

(via Glenn Hauser, WOR io group)