giovedì 23 giugno 2022

Wolfgang Bueschel log

BRAZIL 9673.232 ... .252 Rádio Voz Missionária, Camboriú SC, in Portuguese on June 22 at 22.45 UT.

USA 9264.987 WINB, religious roarer like live transmission, S=5 strength at 22.53 UT.

6159.942 WBCQ likely scheduled 'The Planet', Saxophone music performed, S=8 at 23.08 UT.

9275v kHz Nothing heard of new reshuffled WMLK at this late hour today.

MEXICO 6184.969 R Educacion Mexico D.F. repaired now, is on air back reported recently, S=4 poor signal at this hour, 23.11 UT on June 22.

CUBA Two Quivican San Felipe TITAN beast 250 kW outlets noted at 23.04 UT side by side:

5990even CRI Beijing English service relay transmission, S=8 via Cuban LatinAM relay site.

and 6000even RHC Spanish sce S=5 and fluttery early night time sce. S=5-6 fluttery, 23.10 UT in NY state Perseus SDR remotedly.

73 wb df5sx JN48OR