sabato 25 giugno 2022

RTI test today and July 2nd too

TAIWAN   RTI Listener Club - Info 2022-May.
Dear friends of the RTI Hoererklub Ottenau.
I would like to remind you once again of the test broadcasts directly from Tamsui-Taiwan on Saturday 25 June 2022:
11995 kHz (17:00-17:10 UTC)
11995 kHz (17:30-17:40 UTC)
 9545 kHz (19:00-19:10 UTC)
 7240 kHz (19:20-19:30 UTC)
 7250 kHz (19:40-19:50 UTC)
Depending on the success, frequencies will be selected for the period from 8 to 31 July, 2022;
which will be used on the corresponding weekdays Fri - Sun at 17 and 19 UT. will be used. I will try to send out further Hoererklub information in time. Please send reception reports to the address
<german -at->
On Saturday 2 July there will be test broadcasts in French language at the same place.
(Bernd Seiser-D, via wwdxc June 24)