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Glenn Hauser logs June 27-28, 2022

** CUBA. 13772 & 13628 approx., June 28 at 1429, RHC spurblob with F# tone from 13700 transmitter, not the // 13740 which is also on. Main ones at plus/minus ~72 kHz. Also a bit weaker at 2 x 72 = 144 kHz up on 13844 QRMing WWCR 13845, tsk3. And more, detectable about 13921. Also on the minus side, 13555 QRMing CODAR, and 13408, but nothing found about halfway between the last two. Spurs so distorted as to be completely unreadable. Something`s always wrong at RHC.

Another oddity, probably unrelated, but not observed before: June 28 at 1430, pure carriers cutting on and off regularly every few seconds, on 13753 and 13550. By 1508 recheck everything is off (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. Sporadic E FM DX opening, June 27, I start monitoring at 1759 UT; all on caradio in the garage, relatively comfortable after a cool spell and this early in the day; vertical fender antenna only; times strictly UT; same provisos as in previous recent reports:

95.3 at 1759, ``Beat It`` tune overrides KOKC OKC translator.

94.3 at 1804, frenetic Spanish music, PTA is Florida from DXMAP MUFs. 1806, YL DJ. Likely this as also heard earlier in June: WRLX 94.3 RIVIERA BEACH FL Spanish SPANISH HITS MIA 94.3 50.0 kW 139.0 m --- 1993 km = 1238 mi

94.1 at 1809, English rap, then moralizing. No FL fits; maybe just OK The House gospel huxter

96.5 at 1813, ``Wake Up, Miami``, DJ promo of morning show on ``--- 96``; something attributed to KCBS, Sausage King; Robert Rubenstein, lawyer, 1-800-FL-LEGAL, in Miami, Broward, thruout FL; 1815 Duck-duck-go ad, Mitsubishi: WPOW 96.5 MIAMI FL RHYTHMIC CHR POWER 96 98.0 kW 307.0 m --- 2051 km = 1274 mi

97.3 at 1816, LA? dance music, but English lyrix. Based on PTA: WFLC 97.3 MIAMI FL CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO HITS 97.3 98.0 kW 307.0 m --- 2051 km = 1274 mi

101.5 at 1817, over OK`s SS, YL with ``south Florida`s best variety, 101.5 --- FM``: WLYF 101.5 MIAMI FL ADULT CONTEMPORARY 101.5 LITE FM REFRESHING 100.0 kW 248.0 m --- 2051 km = 1274 mi

102.5 at 1818, sports talk, 1-800-771-1025: that phone chex for this: WHPT 102.5 SARASOTA FL TALK 102-5 THE BONE 100.0 kW 503.0 m 102.5 THE BONE Tampa Bay's {sic} Classic Rock Station {sic} - Talk --- 1761 km = 1094 mi

105.7 at 1820, K-LOVE ID and nothing more. OMG, there are none in FL or any other likely area, PA, NH, CA, PA, NC, some of them translators --- except Puerto Rico; could this be double hop? WJKL 105.7 SAN JUAN PR USA CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN K-LOVE 50.0 kW 323.0 m OMG2, could just be bleed from my local 105.5 translator K288FX, shux. San Juan: 3689 km = 2292 mi, about right for double-hop, but midpoint would be about 50 miles into Atlantic off Daytona Beach

99.3 at 1823, rapid ads in Spanish mentioning Florida, ``La Nueva Playa 99.3``, plug as on ten? apps: WWCN 99.3 FORT MYERS BEACH FL Spanish CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO PLAYA 99.3 45.0 kW 142.0 m // WWCN 770 --- 1868 km = 1161 mi

100.3 at 1824, country; 1828 ``from Biscayne Bay to Boca Chica, Thunder Country 100.3``: WCTH 100.3 PLANTATION KEY FL COUNTRY THUNDER COUNTRY 100.3 100.0 kW 141.0 m --- Boca Chica? almost to Key West. Distancefromto thinx this is near Tampa rather than in the Keys!

Not much more the next quarter-hour, but by 1842, I`m getting MEXICO, q.v. (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, WOR)

** MEXICO. After a semihour of S Florida sporadic E FM DX, see USA, I`m getting even more Spanish, soon located to Mexico, June 27 from 1842 UT on the caradio in relatively cool garage, vertical fender antenna only; all logged in real time, on my own ears, no recordings, no internet access for stream //s, until researched later on the WTFDA FM Database. All times strictly UT.

93.1 at 1842, JBA Spanish CCI to Kansas. I later find there are no SS on 93.1 in Florida nor anywhere else in US at likely Es distance, but lots of Mexicans, 17 of them, all but one with some kind of music format. 1906 and 1921 more bits of SS talk; at 1942 another Spanish mixing, this one with music. The only talker is: XHPBJR-FM 93.1 SAN JUAN DEL RÍO QRO NEWS/TALK SUPER STEREO MILED ENG[ineering] DATA MISSING -- -- 1792 km = 967 statute miles

92.3 at 1843, YL in Spanish, CCI to KS/OK. 1920 & 1940, Mexican music; not enough to guess!

92.1 at 1851, YL timecheck in Spanish as 1:51, so it`s México, not Florida for sure. 1909 bits of talk; 1914 ad for = a record label and ``MOVIC RECORDS is an apparel & fashion company based out of San Pedro Garza García, México`` per linkedin. Limpiadora ad; 1915 ``La Radio que te escucha``, Soriana ad; 25% discount on TV screen; Ejército Nas? as in Nacional? PSA del gobierno de México; plug being in Facebook, ``ranking``; 1918 song. 1919 CCI from another Spanish talking. 1931 ads and PSAs, plátanos, ``92.1, Radio Disney, la radio que te escucha`` twice more: XHFO-FM 92.1 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO RADIO DISNEY 100.0 kW 134.0 m 'KHFO Radio Disney XFM - ELEVA TUS XPECTATIVAS --- R. Disney kaput in USA but not at all in Mexico. 1890 km = 1174 mi

94.1 at 1853, Spanish ads JBA; 1855 centro de captación MBS; 1856 derechos humanos PSA; 1857 ad in pesos; 1859 CCI from The House FM, multi-station ID in OK. 1905 bits of talk. 1935, M&W with short anuncios, a `ding` between them: placas con descuento [license plates discounted??], Puebla capital and more Puebla mentions. 1955 talk about PAN. Widely time-separated not necessarily all same station but only one in Puebla state: XHJE-FM 94.1 HEROICA PUEBLA DE ZARAGOZA PUE CONTEMPORARY HIT RADIO EXA FM 20.0 kW 82.0 m --- 1929 km = 1199 mi

93.5 at 1902, Spanish JBA in KS CCI, brief peaks, 1903 mention Puebla: XHLU-FM 93.5 CD. SERDÁN PUE REGIONAL MEXICAN KE BUENA 6.0 kW -59.84 m = BELOW average terrain --- 1827 km = 1135 mi

92.9 at 1912, Spanish song, ``La Ke Buena``, kids yell phone number, song; 1920 Mex mx; 1927 ads, Cuban in Mexico speaks in his accent; plataforma PSA, COFESE, ejército PSA, ``La Ke Buena 92.9``. 1930 live? traffic report with chopper SFX, mentions Cuauhtémoc, carretera México/Toluca, ``La Ke Buena, en Cadena``, jingle. 1931 kids yell 2:31 timecheck twice; again at 1938 for 2:38 and laughing - or are those adult voices pitched up? 2001 one more ``Ke Buena`` as the opening finally fizzles, and/or I quit by 2006! After two+ hours straight. This was: XEQ-FM 92.9 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX REGIONAL MEXICAN KE BUENA 79.07 kW 214.0 m --- 1890 km = 1174 mi

95.3 at 1921, overcoming KOKC translator, R/TV Mex PSA, ads in pesos; 1924 iHeart Radio Spanish promo for Lucío Córdoba podcast, ``Amor 95.3, música romántica``, song. 1934 & 1945 romx; 1951, whatsapp number 523-953?, and ``95.30``. 2956, ``Amor 95-3, sólo música romántica``: XHSH-FM 95.3 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX ROMANTICA AMOR 90.0 kW -20.0 m [BELOW average terrain] presentadora - EN AMOR 95.3 cancion con cantante en Amor 95.3 y en iHeartRadio. --- 1890 km = 1174 mi

in all probability PTA but there is one other Amor on 95.3: XHNB-FM 95.3 SAN LUIS POTOSÍ SLP ROMANTICA AMOR 31.58 kW 7.0 m --- 1612 km = 1001 mi

96.5 at 1925, Spanish JBA; 1957 news about China - first world news I have heard on any of these! Radio Educación ID, `Nuestro Mundo` program; 2000 lists of its network relay stations; briefly over Tulsa; note low power. Nice to hear the FM side of XEPPM 6185 SW! XHEP-FM 96.5 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX ULTURE RADIO EDUCACIÓN 3.0 kW -34.4 m BAT --- 1890 km = 1174 mi

93.3 at 1934, romantic music over OKC, 1937 :37 timecheck. No specific romantic format listed, but maybe closest and to PTA, maybe: XHEXZ-FM relays:AM 560 93.3 ZACATECAS ZAC SPANISH HITS BALADAS LUPE 50.0 kW 402.98 m Tx site Cerro de la Virgen [de GuadaLUPE no doubt] --- 1583 km = 984 mi to the cerro

93.7 at 1953, ``Joviendo 93-7``, adstring, over KSPI Stillwater. Strange word, maybe slang, meaning ``being young``? Maybe play on words with this station name meaning jewel? Or joyviendo? XEJP-FM 93.7 CD. DE MÉXICO CDMX CLASSIC HITS STEREO JOYA 60.48 kW 632.0 --- 1890 km = 1174 mi

Add-on to other logs above take us to 2001; seems over by 2006 and when back online I check DXMAP at 2015 to see a 103 MHz Es blob close to the Laredos accounting for all this! BTW in this sesquihour of DX, I never heard any X+ callsign mentioned (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. As I am completing the June 27 Es FM DX reports, by 1610 UT June 28 MORE big openings are in progress, so back to the car for 2+ hours. ND, SD, MB, MT; and separately from LA & TX at least, including, 96.7 KOYE Frankston TX, only 530 km = 329 miles! Extremely strong sporadic E for a path so close! These openings will take a lot more time to research and report fully; and there may be even more to come. Got to take advantage of this summer Es, as there will soon be ~10 months of nothing.

I had to miss much of the latest January 6 hearing starting at 1700, but will catch replay later. Notable that not a single FM station, nearby or DX, was broadcasting it, as great threats to our Democracy don`t matter to them! --- except on KOSU and probably KWOU from NPR. No doubt more NPR stations were on it but not skipping out. Quit for R&R and lunch after 1816, I find it not only on TV from PBS, MSNBC and CNN, surely CSPAN but not checked; but also on mainstream ABC, CBS, NBC, and even Fox News Channel (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2144 monitoring: confirmed UT Tuesday June 28 at 0030 on WRMI 9395, S9/+10 direct; and still gone from 9455, now sending R. Eslovaquia Internacional in Spanish. Next:

2230 UT Tuesday WRMI 9955 to SSE [jammed by Cuba]
2330 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1000 UT Wednesday Unique R, Australia 5035-USB or 3210-USB
1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S; 9395 to NNW

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** U S A. On June 28, I replied to Jeff White about the WRMI splatter problem: At 0640, 9455 seems to be clear. At 1521, also, altho maybe not strong enough to be sure, only S7/S9 on generous meter. Also sounds undermodulated as do others of your frequencies. Old transmitters can`t handle 100%? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 1925 UT June 28