mercoledì 29 giugno 2022

DRM Remote Learning Trial

Woofferton will be carrying out some DRM transmission tests over the next couple of days. The transmissions are the first on-air trial of a remote learning solution that will eventually be deployed to The Gambia. The idea is that a lessons can be delivered using the Audio Service to send speech created by a teacher, while the supporting text and picture-based information will be delivered in the same 10kHz wide channel using the Journaline service.

The initial receive equipment being shipped to The Gambia will be an Android device with an SDR and loop antenna. The StarWaves DRM SoftRadio app will handle everything from demodulation to presenting the audio and Jounaline services. For anyone with access to the StarWaves app I'd recommend it as the easiest way of receiving DRM, although if you already have Dream up and running then this too should do good service. The caveat is the the Audio will be using the xHE-AAC codec, which can require some extensive tinkering to get working in Dream. Even if you don't have the ability to decode xHE-AAC, the extensive Jounaline component should still be copyable.

The transmissions will take place Thu 30 june and Fri 01 July at the following times:

0630 - 0700UTC: 6195kHz 114°
0830 - 0900UTC: 9410kHz 92°

The transmission tests are being carried out by Encompass Digital Media who do not have an official QSL policy. However, I'd be interested to hear if anyone succeeds in receiving the transmissions, and would be more than happy to confirm reception reports via email.

(Dave M0MYA via Mike Terry via shortwave io group)