lunedì 20 giugno 2022

Wolfgang Bueschel: 31mb observations

9 MHZ 31mb outlets are NOT a nearby skip transmission production:

in cold war some 50 years back in Europe was the 'like distance' on daytime some minimal 1800 km from Germany towards Bulgaria or Moscow as such ..

Here on June 20 all these 'S4 ... to S9 R Marti' signal for example the TX chain on 31 mb observed today around 20.00 and 20.30 UT:

7850 kHz CHU Ottawa-CAN time and standard
9264.985 WINB Red Lion PA
9275.008 WMLK, surprisingly upper side plus 8 Hertz via a brand new TX unit, Unstable mainpower access at the station ? ?
9330even WBCQ Maine
9395even WRMI Okeechobee FL
9460.004 TUR TRT Emirler S=5-6 Turkish
9565even USA USAGM Greenville, opposite R Marti towards CUBA country.
9575even ROU RRI French
9610even AUT AWR DYU NoAF via ORS Moosbrunn, S=4 sidelobe in NY state
9635.008 TUR TRT Emirler in French
9675.008 ARS R Saudi Internat from Riyadh, Turkish sce 18-21 UT, S=5
9705even CVA English from Vatican R Santa Maria di Galeria, 20.00-20.30
9880.004 TUR TRT French at 20.24 UT.
9955even WRMI Okeechobee FL
10 MHz WWV / WWVH standard

73 wb df5sx JN48OR