giovedì 16 giugno 2022

WMLK update

Quick update-It’s been an action-packed week. The engineer finalized frequency tuning, followed by two full days of training. Tomorrow will be the completion of the site-acceptance verification followed by testing and setup of the spare modules and UCS’s.

There is a tuning issue with one of our FCC assigned frequencies, 15.150. With the improved feedline we have to adjust our tuning stub. It’s not a long process but we have to wait until the specialized equipment comes in from Texas-hoping it will be Friday or Monday.

We anticipate initiating a regular broadcast schedule on Monday, June 20 from 1pm to 6pm Eastern Time on 9.275. We will begin overnight broadcasting on 15.150 when the stub adjustments are completed, Yahweh Willing.

Keep checking back for updates. (WMLK Radio facebook page)