sabato 17 settembre 2016

Radio Channel 292 News

With the new power amplifier and the OPTIMOD modulation system our signal on 6070 kHz is stronger and sounding better. And there are to mention some new stations that use our transmitter to reach their listeners: Radio Star (Italy), Radio West (Italy), Das Medienmagazin (DL), HIT AM (DL), Everythingradio (NL), Free Radio Service (NL), Radio Pushka / Радио  Пушка (Russia), Atlantic 2000 (France), Shortwavecommunity (DL), and once again aboard Radio Waves International (France). We wish you fun listening, and writing reception reports! And then we have to mention a premiere: WiMo, well known dealer in communications equipment offers a small software defined radio (SDR) with good features for less than 100 euros. And as a special offer in cooperation with Radio Channel 292 our listeners can get the device even cheaper when ordering via the banner on our homepage, or via this link:

And a little survey:
We think about making an application for two more frequencies, one in the 31, and one in the 19 meter band. Who could receive us there? Who might be interested?

Radio Channel 292