venerdì 17 giugno 2016

Hobart Radio International Weekend Special Show

This and next weekend you're in for a special show like no other. We are issuing special eQSLs for your reports!  
If you're in Europe, the USA, North Asia/Middle East hear us on 11580kHz at 2030-2100UTC and 2330-0000UTC every Saturday evening.

We have attached a flyer for our special transmission. 

Hear us this weekend!! Our A16 schedule can be found at: 

Also available to listen to us on live feeds via:
and World FM.

​​Interval Signals Special Part 2
In Part 2 we continue opening the vaults and exploring present and past interval signals. An interval or tuning signal is a distinctive tune or sound that tells us who's on air. This is a two part series.

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