mercoledì 29 giugno 2016


Adventist World Radio is issuing a new QSL card at the time of the Wavescan 2016 Grand Finale DX Contest.  The contest for this year invites listeners to tabulate their AWR QSL cards, one for each shortwave site.  Full contest details can be obtained from many sources, including an internet search for Wavescan DX Contest 2016.  Each entry for this year’s contest will receive the special new postage stamp honoring the 200th anniversary of Indiana statehood.
In addition, if any listeners are needing QSL cards for outstanding AWR reports not yet verified, reports may be submitted to the address below during the two month time period, August & September. 
A special postal address has been opened for the occasion and it will be available only during the months of August and September, 2016.  This temporary postal address is:- 
  Adventist World Radio
Grand Finale DX Contest
Box 771
Indiana 47402-0771 USA

   Adrian M. Peterson