sabato 26 aprile 2014

The Mighty KBC - keeping shortwave alive on 6095

Weekdays are filled with a unique live show from Mr. Bob van Beeten himself between 10am & 12noon CET. The Mighty 6095 sets about keeping shortwave alive with a special programme for Dutch truck drivers (Transportradio Onderweg). While most of Europe's radio stations play music selected by computers, The Mighty 6095 brings out it's star Bob van Beeten to entertain listeners throughout the morning hours. We also keep in mind our fleets of truckers, who thunder along Europe's roads. The truckers own show pops up live every morning when Bob van Beeten takes care of traffic news and matters of concern to the professional road users. The legendary, Brooklyn-born, Wolfman Jack, with his outrageous catchphrases and unique style, has left a legacy of some of the best shows ever recorded for radio. The Mighty KBC is proud to keep the memory and music of the Wolfman alive on 6095. The Wolf will make his return on AM 6095. If the Wolfman was the USA's biggest star, there's no doubt that Emperor Rosko is Europe's. The witty, multilingual, fast-talking, American son of the famous Hollywood movie producer Joe Pasternak, was influenced by the Wolfman in his teens and became a big star on British radio, first on pirate station Radio Caroline, then Luxembourg and then the BBC. The Emperor Rosko Show is an entertaining and up to the minute show that is produced especially for The Mighty KBC in his studios in California and can be heard on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning the Emperor Rosko kicks things off with Coast To Coast Country, and the afternoon is rocking with Dave Mason and Peter Quinn. At 13.00 UTC it's Mike Marwick with Rock "N" Roll Saturday. Sunday brings party time to Europe between 08.00 and 15.00 UTC. Stan Campbell and Tim Dennis gets things rolling with Trucker Radio. At 10.00 UTC we have 3 hours of The LA Connection presented by Emperor Rosko and the last 2 hours are rocking with Ron O'Quinn.

The Giant Jukebox presented by Eric van Willegen is "Rocking Over The Ocean" to Canada, USA and South America on Sunday morning on 7375 kHz between 00.00 - 02.00 UTC.