martedì 22 aprile 2014

Girolla LOG !

15476, R Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel ATA Base Esperanza,1945-1905 16-21Apr,px mx + ID,22222
15345, RAE ARG General Pacheco,1955 16Apr, px in I ,44444
1550,Radio Nacional de la R.A.S.D ALG Rabouni,2000 16Apr, px local,22222
25000,WWV USA Ft.Collins,2007 16Apr, TS "tac tac tac .....time and BIP!",44444
7120,R Hargeisa SOM Hargeisa,1700 19-21Apr, px in vernacolo noise from HAM,43444
10000,Italcable I,1650 19Apr, music and time signal,33333
7505, Voice of Martyrs CLA  via Toshkent, 1710 19Apr,local programme,44444
5950, Voice of Tigray Revolution ETH Addis Ababa,1720 19Apr, px mx local,33333
5915, ZNBC R Zambia ZMB Lusaka, 1725 19Apr, px mx local ,33333(
4835,VL8A AUS Alice Springs, 1731 19Apr, ABC news in E,33333
7295,TRAXX FM MLA, Kajang Kuala Lumpur,1744-1700 19-21Apr, px mx pop,33333

73 Mauro