lunedì 8 luglio 2013

Glenn Hauser logs July 8, 2013

** BANGLADESH. 15505, July 8 at 1358, BB IS is JBA, enough to clock the timesignal as ending at 1359:39.5. Will they ever set their timesignal accurately? If not, why bother. Because it sounds precise even if it`s anything but. Fool the people. Who`s comparing to WWVH in Bangladesh? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. After first getting XHTAU and XEFB on channel A2, July 8 at 1444 UT I hear some English while the antenna is still aimed southward:

1444, with 1-800 number, .ca website; so rotate to find video peak from north, YL gospel huxter is quoting Chuck Colson

1455, studio talkshow continues, in and out. Seems to be a bug in UR I cannot make out

1457, fade-in to show along with the hosts, ``866-273-4444 toll-free prayerline``. Also a large 100 in the LL along with some small lettering I can`t make out

1458, outro show from `Crossroads`, Brampton Ont, and Niagara Falls NY addresses

1459, Global Evening News at Six promo

1500, SHAW bug in LR, other bugs in UL and LL. Now show is `The Doctors`, medical advice

Weak signal continues in & out following hour.

1600, now a cooking show, good at 1605

The Ontario network stations would all be in noon news now. At first I thought I had CIII-TV-2, Bancroft Ont., a Global station, but its EDT programming is one hour of real time ahead of what I am getting which matches TV Guide CDT listings for Winnipeg, i.e. CKND-TV-2 Minnedosa, Manitoba:
 9:30 am [1430 UT] 100 Huntley Street
10:00 am [1500 UT] The Doctors
11:00 am [1600 UT] Chef at Home
Crossroads Christian Communications produces 100 Huntley Street

1616, brief surge mentions ``a Manitoba website``

Now the 6m map shows Es all over the USA, but not a bit into Canada, and only one little line into Chihuahua; rotating, no Mexican TV now, so back to north

1624, ad for a Manitoba golf club, atop CCI from ? But Global keeps dominating, 1625, chef show about Louisiana cuisine

1630, into real estate show, `The Unsellables`, so still CKND-TV-2.

1643, another good peak, Manitoba Stampede ad; 1645 recycle cans at Winnipeg Blue Bombers games

During this opening, the MUF has never gone above channel 2, ALL THE ABOVE, until:

1644 on 4, some video starts to show, bits of English;

1648 on 4, ad for; 1649 promo for `So You Think You Can Dance`; back to `e-talk` show as scheduled for CTV Winnipeg; 1652 snow-free. This must be CHYB-TV, 100 kW in Brandon MB.

1700 on 4, CTV news about Manitoba, somepol steps down from cabinet

1700 on 2, not news but `Design, Inc.` show as sked on Global Winnipeg

MUF pokes into FM band: see separate log

1733 on 2, still in, interview singer, `Entertainment Tonight` [sic]

1745 on 2, still in but about to disappear

(Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Sporadic E TV-DX opening from Manitoba on 2 and 4 barely reaches the FM band as I am waiting for it on 88.1, the ATS-909 with whip antenna only but signal maybe bouncing off the TV antenna, July 8, UT:

1655, fade in rock music and back out. shows not a single 88.1 in MB, not even low-powers.

1702, Canadian news about the pol quitting cabinet; train explosion in Quebec; 1702, ``That`s MBC news,`` Prince Albert, Sask. ad; 1703 for White Bear Lake golf course; 1705 lengthy weather for all over Sask., including first-nation areas, Uranium City; 1707, ``95 dot 5, MBC`` ID; fade out; 1710 fade-in with music; 1714 after song, ``MBC Network Radio``, phone 425-4101 or toll free 877-425-4101; DJ is Dale Rothman(?), shtick about ``be a kid again day``, such as by making silly faces. 1722 another fade in with music; 1724, Mike on the phone making a request from Prince Albert.

This is CJLR-FM-3, 49 kW in Prince Albert SK, but originates with CJLR-FM-6, 95.5 in North Battleford. MBC is the Missinipi Broadcasting Corp. Distance to P.A. is 1220 miles.

I logged 88.1 before on July 27, 2011 and had some nice correspondence with people at the station. All that is in DXLDs:
7+ minutes of clips from that occasion are at
mostly in native language.

I also have combined clips of three fade-ins this time at:
roughly 1705-1707, 1714-1717, 1722-1726 UT. Sorry, it starts out a bit loud till I turned it down; 9+ minutes; so:
Condensed version to 3+ minutes taking out most music and fades:

At peaks of 88.1, I also tuned the DX-398 to 99.1, the next-up full-power station in Prince Albert, but did not hear it. I certainly did hear the other radio`s local oscillator on 98.8 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 6135, re my log of CNR1 July 7 at 1222, no known jamming target, Ron Howard explains: ``Originally CNR1 was on 6135 to jam RTI:
`DX RE MIX NEWS #788 (July 1):
Frequency change of Radio Taiwan International:
1000-1500 NF 6180 HUW 100 kW / 310 deg to EaAs Chinese, ex 6135`
Guess they stayed on 6135 just to be sure RTI did not return again,
even though they did start up on the new 6180 RTI frequency?`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake, July 8 before 1330:
13795, very poor with CCI at 1325

All the rest are CNR1 jammers:
12500, poor at 1324
15545, JBA at 1327, het on lo side
15570, very poor at 1327, same het on lo side; none in 14s, 16s, 17s
CNR1 echo jamming much stronger on 15115 and 15195, which were not formerly Firedrake (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Sporadic E opening in progress at tune-in July 8, with antenna south on NTSC channel A2, UT:

1413, Spanish audio; 1416 CCI, then peak of one signal with Elecciones 2013 full-screen grafix, returns for yesterday in Tamaulipas, then Coahuila and Chihuahua. This is during INFO 7 news show with Azteca net-7 bug in LR along with 9:18 clock and 24 degrees at 1418. So it`s XHTAU in Tampico

1420, fade to another ch 2, with MATUTINO EXPRESS on set, f-bug (Televisa net-4) in LR, TELEACTIVA in UR, i.e. XEFB-TV Monterrey NL

1421, mentions Azteca Nordeste, and ``siete 7`` promo, i.e. this subnetwork:

1422, XHTAU dominates. Large INFO 7 in middle of set/screen between W & M anchorette (stage left) & anchor. Also reads below it. Peaks snow-free for a bit. Headlines at screenbottom but not crawling, rather flipping vertically. Full story about vacationers having problems(?) or overloading the Monterrey bus station, as this morning cast originates in Monterrey tho relayed from Tampico. 1427 it`s quite dominant, then fades in and out.

At 1444 I start to hear English on channel 2 so rotate to CANADA, q.v., maybe missing more from Mexico. (XHRIO in Matamoros switched from Fox in English to MundoFox in Spanish some time ago. So how do you see Fox in the RGV?) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 12105, July 8 at 1255, WTWW-3 Bible Worldwide is already on in Russian, unusual as normally comes on after 1300; CCI and SAH from KSDA Chinese. Intention per WTWW schedule is to start at 1100 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 4840, UT Monday July 8 at 0400-0430, `The Talking Machine Show` on WWCR is replaying last week`s episode. Is this SOP? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 11979, July 8 at 0523, without BFO, the weak 11980 Turkey carrier suffices to audiblize some CW sending 7 over and over in code: --... Almost sounds hand-keyed; at least the pauses between the sevens vary. There are 28 repetitions per minute. What in the world is going on here?

11980, as we noted before, is also infested by RTTY intruder inside the SWBC band, poor signal at 1408 July 8, but probably unrelated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 13650-13300-, July 8 at 1403, buzz sort of like OTH radar, and I realize it is slowly moving downward; hard to determine bandwidth as it moves, but less than 25 kHz. Perhaps a cross with an ionosonde. I sit on 13500 and then jump to 13400 to time how long it takes for it to decrease by 100 kHz: about 50 seconds; then to 13300: another 52 seconds for it to cross there. Call it 51 average. Thus the frequency is ``decelerating`` at the rate of 510 seconds per Megahertz or 0.51 seconds per kHz, or the other say round, 1.96 kHz per second = kilohertz per second per second. We need a handy name for this unit, but MegaHausers is already taken = megacycles per minute (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15400, July 8 at 0517, 1000 Hz tone making slight SAH with weaker R. Dabanga, Madagascar. Nothing on 15150, where 1 kHz tones were being heard during this hour until last night, when Wolfgang Büschel found it on 15400. Now the 15400 tone cuts off at 0531* as R. Dabanga continues.

This is getting suspicious, as 15150 is also a R. Dabanga frequency via Madagascar, but at a totally different time, 1529-1627 (plus R. Tamazuj at 1500-1529). Thus I suspect the tones are jamming from Sudan, except they were at first mixed up about which frequency to attack in the morning. The other morning frequency, 11650 via Vatican at 0400-0557 has long been marred by continuous tone jamming.

As for 17690 tone, checking again for that I hear a weak 1 kHz circa 17693.5 at 0518, which I am now writing off as out of some local device, altho how an exact 1000 Hz tone arises is unclear.

17690 is scheduled only for R. Azadi (Free Afghanistan) alternating Dari and Pashto all the way from 0230 to 1430, with a variety of sites, switching at 0530 from Sri Lanka to Thailand; unheard (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)