martedì 16 luglio 2013

A farewell to Kol Israel

After 65 years of broadcasting, the station suspended its last shortwave broadcasts in Farsi to Iran at the beginning of July: The longtime shortwave listeners may remember they used to broadcast overseas programs in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Georgian, Persian, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, as well as a home service program in Hebrew and external service in other Jewish languages: Yiddish, Bucharian, Ladino, Mograbit. They also had a DX-Program in English, hosted by Ben Dalfen, aired on Sundays. Their broadcasts in Russian, Hungarian and Georgian were a subject to jamming.

Georgi Bancov (via dxld ml)

QTH locator: KN22IV
144MHz (2m): 7-element yagi, Yeasu-VX150
Shortwave: Sony ICF-7600D, 6 beverage antennas for lower HF bands
Satellite: Paraclipse Hydro 228cm + Invacom SNF-031 + Invacom-ADF-120+DM500s