lunedì 22 novembre 2010


RAE Argentina's Public National Radio's Foreign Service broadcasts on the Short Waves to the whole planet.

RAE was originally established as International Service of the Argentine Republic, under the acronym SIRA on April 11th, 1949, by then President Juan Domingo Perón. It transmitted 24/7 in seven languages.

After a coup d'etat -the so-called "Liberating Revolution"- toppled Peron, SIRA was shut down, re initiating transmissions in 1958, under the present name of Radiodifusión Argentina al Exterior.

RAE is part of Radio Televisión Argentina, the State-ran company that groups the National Public media of Argentina, and is based at the Buenos Aires building of Radio Nacional, the public AM Station.

RAE's programs focus on Argentine current affiars, culture, tourism, science, sports, interviews, geography, history, and biographies of outstanding Argentines of the most varied fields. It also airs Argentine music, mainly Tango and Folk, and there's a weekly cycle on Argentine Rock. Twice a week there's a feature aimed at DXers.

RAE's programs are aired in seven languages: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese.

Some of the contents aired by RAE are generated by LRA Radio Nacional, so Argentines living abroad can be in touch with their homeland. On weekends, RAE transmitts football matches on a paralell with Radio Nacional.