lunedì 22 novembre 2010

Glenn Hauser logs November 21, 2010

** ARGENTINA. 15345, R. Nacional, Nov 21 at 2303, ``Argentina te informa; Nacional de Córdoba; dictadura militar`` mentioned perhaps in program promo from regional station. Fair signal and improving (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. 15240, poor signal in Strine at 2235 Nov 21, banned from HFCC but presumably R. Australia as per Aoki via Tainan, TAIWAN; 2257 had long/short path echo. Meanwhile, I could not detect RA Shepparton on 15230 under usurper CUBA; still there? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL [and non]. 15190, R. Inconfidência had not been heard for a couple of weeks, but it`s certainly on Nov 21 at 2228 making awful collision with R. Africa, EQUATORIAL GUINEA [q.v.], overmodulated/distorted. Both have heavy equatorial flutter making matters even worse. EqG signal is stronger with Tony Alamo; ZYE522 with enthusiastic Brazilians, probably sports coverage. Bata kept going almost until 2300, but then Brazil still had a hum to contend with, carrier remaining on from the other? I note corroborating log from Harold Sellers in BC, tho it seems I was getting more of a signal from BH (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. Further chex Sunday Nov 21 for the allegedly scheduled RHC broadcasts in weekly Esperanto: at 2127, 11760 in French. At 2225, 15370 with open carrier past 2230; 2233 also in French.

As suspected from last Sunday`s monitoring of other programs one UT hour later than on RHC`s former and still published schedule, En Contacto is again later for its second known airing, Nov 21 from 2242:30 on 15230, 11770, 11730, 9820, 6140, 5040, preceded by El Mundo de la Filatelia with requests for stamp exchanges from El Salvador; and succeeded by Cuba Campesina a quarter-hour later. I say ``known`` because there may be one or two more repeats between 1450 and 2242 during RHC`s continuous all-day but schedule-less programming (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 5936, no trace of R. República or anything, Nov 21 at 2244, nor jamming, unlike the noise around 5954-5955. Terry Krueger
says another very weak R.R. was heard on 5936.22 at 0038 Nov 15, now sure to be jammed. No doubt it`s another low power nuisance transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 9305, R. Cairo, Nov 21 at 2249, Arabic, VG signal strength but horribly distorted and splattering plus/minus 15 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA [and non]. 15190, R. Africa, also has convicted child molester Tony Alamo on its Sunday evening air, Nov 21 at 2228 but making awful mix with ZYE522; see BRAZIL. Remained the same almost until 2300, Alamo mumbling doctrine with his YL sidekick (long dead wife, or molestee?), yet overmodulated, distorted, and with heavy equatorial flutter. A bit of music at 2258 must have been a wrap, as when retuned a couple minutes later only hearing Brasil, but hum perhaps still coming from Bata carrier (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM. 15320 KSDA, UT Sunday Nov 21 at 2230, AWR Wavescan opening theme, 2233 Jeff White narrating script about RCA and Rocky Point LINY; later the heavily struxured JSWC report. Good reception, better, I daresay than we normally get from WRMI itself, which only aims outward from CONUS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. 13650, NHKWNRJ IS in well at an odd time, 2237 Nov 21. That`s because they are about to open a 20-minute broadcast in Chinese, followed by three more third-hours until 2400 in Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 15280, Nov 21 at 2229, boards creaking and doors squeaking, other sound effects, pauses past 2231. 2232 Indonesian mentions ``elektro-akustik``. Good signal but has squeal on carrier to add to the mystique. Not // 11550 R. Australia via Taiwan, so must be R. Netherlands. Yes, this is one of two transmissions on their schedule via SAIPAN, 1234567:
2159 2257 SAI 15280 225 31-10-2010 27-03-2011 100 RNW Ind INDONce
0759 0827 SAI 15750 180 31-10-2010 27-03-2011 100 RNW Nld eAU/INDONe

One should monitor the additional three minutes before hourtop/bottom, in case like other IBB relay deals, they get a bonus of two more sesquiminutes in some other language (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SARAWAK [non]. 7590, first time I am looking for R. Free Sarawak, scheduled 2230-2330 from secret site, Nov 21 at 2255, only a weak signal with flutter, but seems like dead air and/or then undermodulated. Did not get any better by 2305. Presumed this, as nothing else yet scheduled in this frequency-hour. Could it be via Angel 4, PALAU, already known to be site for the other broadcast at 1000-1100 on 15680, since Alan Pennington soon heard that // on the Angel 4 stream? Now I check WHR online schedules, to find:

Angel 4:
1000-1100 5:00-6:00 AM Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa Radio Percuma 15.680 MHz

Percuma? That`s a new name for it. What does Percuma mean? I Google translate it first in Indonesian, and get ``useless`` --- then in Malay and get ``free`` --- so much for the two languages being almost identical! This must amuse Indonesians. Maybe the full ID in Malay is ``Radio Percuma Sarawak`` or ``Radio Sarawak Percuma`` --- the c is probably pronounced like tj or ch as in Aceh; altho they say they are mainly using the local language Iban.

But schedule for the same transmitter reminds us it is occupied by R. Australia during this hour, on 13590, which I also heard today:
2200-0000 6:00-7:00 PM Su,Mo,Tu,We,Th,Fr,Sa ABC Radio 13.590 MHz
And Angel 3 is otherwise accounted for with WHR programming on 9930.

Steve Lare points out that Aoki already shows 7590 as via TAJIKISTAN, but also for 15680, the latter certainly not correct. Considering the poor reception here, Tajikistan could certainly be right for 7590, but who knows for sure? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9385, tuned in Nov 21 at 2247 just as WWRB announcer was talking over Brother Scare that it`s time to retune to 3215, and off at 2248*. OK, I keep checking 3215 every few minutes but nothing there until 2304, so it came on sometime after previous check 2257. Does it need to take that long to retune the transmitter?

No doubt BS psycophants followed instruxions and waited some 12 minutes vacantly staring at the radio, enjoying the noise until The Last Day Prophet of God magically was resurrected on 3185 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 9325, Nov 21 at 2247 open carrier, 2250 tone test; presumably IBB tuning up for VOA Burmese via SRI LANKA at 2300-2330 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###