lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Ascolti milanesi..

Qualche ascolto autunnale da Milano, sotto la neve.

Argentina, 11710.7, RAE General Pacheco, 2110, Nov 27, results of the football matches, ID "Radio Argentina". Fair to good.
Brasil, 9695.8, R. Rio Mar, Manuas (tent.), 2045, Nov 27, sport event live, male speaker, no positive ID. Portughese. Fair.

Brasil, 11765, r. Deus e' Amor, 2026, Nov 27, sermon by a male speaker in Portughese on a very clear channel. Fair.

Thailand, 9535, r. Thailand, 2035, Nov 27, news on economy in Far East, English. Very good.

USA, 9479, WTWW Lebanon, 2030, Nov 27, religious program, talking about Roy Cohn and God, English. Good but tnterferring with WYFR on 9480 kHz: a religious war?
Michele D'Amico
(Perseus, Asus 1201n, antenna vertical Cushcraft R8)