venerdì 5 novembre 2010

New program and B10 schedule for IRRS/EGR

Hello There from Milan, Italy,

This week we are happy to introduce you with a new broadcaster on IRRS Christian segment called "European Gospel Radio" ( Starting Nov. 7, 2010, at 11:30 CET (10:30 UTC, winter) on 9510 we present "Heaven's Peace Plan", produced by the Fatima Network in the USA. What's so special about HPP? First of all we are glad to have a Catholic radio program once again on the air, and after hearing a few sample broadcast all I can say is that it's not the usual screaming-like program we often hear on the airwaves. First broadcast in 1987, "Heaven's Peace Plan" is hosted by Father Nicholas Gruner, and is on the air in North America and, via shortwave, in almost 200 nations around the world. Please try to tune in on IRRS/EGR and please tell us what you think, and write to the address given on the broadcast to receive any of the books or magazines that are offered on the air. Our program producers and supporters will be glad to hear your comments and reception reports, and your letters will help keeping program like this on the air.

If you haven't seen our latest B10 schedule, you should be aware that there are two minor changes this year. First, we are now on 9510 kHz (just 5 kHz apart from the previous frequency of 9515 kHz) on Saturday and Sunday morning CET. Second, regretfully, we had to reduce our Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening broadcast by one hour, but we are back on the air every day of the week to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, at the same time, from 20:00-21:00 CET (19:00-20:00 UTC, winter) on 7290 kHz.

There may be additions or other frequency changes in the next few weeks. Please check our latest freq and program schedules at: and please write us at reports (at) nexus (dot) org

Thank You and stay tuned!

73s, Ron