martedì 26 gennaio 2021

Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

CUBA Checked RHC transmissions on remote Perseus installation at Rochester NY USA state, at 14.30 UT on Jan 26.

9535.003 BEJ 2 x 120 Hertz apart distance accompanied spurs.
9650.005 BEJ 2 x 60 Hertz spurs
11759.998 BAU 2 x 60 Hertz spurs
13845.006 WCR not TOM on Tuesday, different pastor ?
13775.015 ARS Arabic 1st px from Riyadh ME
13725even ISS NHK R Japan Persian via TDF Issoudun, S=9 backlobe
13699.996 BAU RHC S=7 only fair in NY, but co-channel adjacent
13700.006 BUL NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site,
US pastor TOM BS and Gregorian like chorus, S=5-6 in NY
13685even MLI CRI Bamako in English sce, S=6 in NY, S=9+ in WeEUR
15140even BAU 2 x 60 Hertz spurs
15230even QUI
15700 QUI nothing scheduled at 13-15 UT
15700.002 QUI CRI Beijing English via Latin AM relay at TITAN 250 kW
site. Also S=8 signal in WeEUR across Atlantic Ocean
at 15-16 UT slot, 15.03 UT on Jan 26.
13740 nothing heard here from Cuban installations.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 26)

Guantanamo Cuba - us colonial wound.
Light at the end of the tunnel:
Guantanamo final closure of the CC on Cuban soil?
New President Joe Biden government plans to close down the CC
(ex 850 prisoners) now remained only 26 muslim prisoners there,mainly from Pakistan, South Asia.